Khamis, 4 Mac 2010

Apa yang menjadi apabila YouTube dan Google jadi Goojje dan YouTubeCN...

Itu yang saya dengar apabila kerajaan China mengharamkan Google (sudah wujud di China) dan YouTube (jangan lupa Facebook juga diharamkan di china)... Kenapa...

The Chinese government has banned its citizens from viewing videos on YouTube, the video sharing site's owner Google said Tuesday.
Google trackers noticed late Monday that Chinese traffic of YouTube had decreased dramatically and watched as it dropped to nearly zero Tuesday morning, the New York Times reported.
“We don’t know the reason for the block,” YouTube spokesman Scott Rubin told the Times. “Our government relations people are trying to resolve it."
Chinese officials have been selectively blocking YouTube videos for months in an attempt to weed out dissent. It routinely monitors all Internet content visited by Chinese residents and can limit access at its discretion.
But the Chinese recently have begun to fight back against the censorship, finding loopholes to get around the eyes of their Big Brother government.
One Internet video in particular, which features mythical creature the "grass-mud horse," has become an icon for the anti-censorship movement. When written, the creature's name is benign, but when spoken, the word for "grass-mud horse" becomes an inflammatory expletive.
Chinese officials told Reuters that they didn't know about YouTube being blocked and stressed that they had a positive view of the Internet and its content.
"Many people have a false impression that the Chinese government fears the Internet. In fact it is just the opposite,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters, Reuters said.

A Chinese blogger finds inaccessible around 60% of the time whereas is perfectly accessible. Is it coincidence or intetnional?

Is Google intentionally blocking in China and providing intermittent access instead of outright banning to prevent backlash from internet community & activists.
If you are a Chinese blogger, I would love to know your experiences in accessing


As of today 8pm Chinese time Facebook seems not to be accessible from most parts of China Mainland anymore. On the China Telecom connection of our Shanghai office the service vanished around 7:45pm. In Beijing and Guangzhou the service is blocked as well, only Hong Kong reports that they can still access the website.
How to still access and unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other blocked websites from China:
After microblogging service Twitter was already inaccessible during the last few days, Facebook now seems to be the latest victim of Chinas moves related to the recent incidents in its north western province. The recent bans and the blocking of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and even hickups with Google products and MSN are a major pain for companies and individuals working in China. Previous blocks of Western Web 2.0 services that were banned in China were sometimes only temporary but this time we are afraid the block will be permanent. The only reliable way to access blocked websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more is by using a professional VPN service (SSL not PPTP).
Ini sahajalah Info Untuk Entry Ini... Nasib baiklah kita di Malaysia... Tapi... mun kita di China.. terpaksa buka dan (P/S dan Blogger masih boleh dilayari di China...

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